Our Mission

Mongolian Young Leaders Program (MYLP) is a two-day conference, in major international cities, that brings together Mongolia’s best minds and outstanding young leaders who are studying in the region.

Participants  are selected through highly competitive selection process. During the program, participants talk about issues and topics related to the development of Mongolia. They also meet with leading scholars, political and business leaders, professionals, experts, and other talents.

MYLP started in 2009 with the first program organized in Washington DC. MYLP was initiated and founded by Dr. Undraa Agvaanluvsan who is the Board Member and Honorary President of the Mongolian Young Leaders Network NGO.

After MYLP, participants join the Mongolian Young Leaders Network NGO to stay connected with  participants from all the past and future MYLPs.

This great program is made possible by our generous sponsors and active leadership of previous participants.

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“I liked the number of opportunities that the program provided for networking with other successful people both in Mongolia and the US in the industry. I also genuinely got the feeling that the organizers wanted the participants to learn something during the program, so they had carefully chosen the speakers, the teams, and discussion points. It was a very well organized program with a lot of thought and preparation went into it.”

— MYLP Silicon Valley 2015 Participant